Let us know you will be supporting Daniel. We would like to make a map for him showing where people all over the world are praying for him. Please let us know where you are from so we can add you to the map.

Points for Prayer

1. That God will keep Daniel safe during the seizures he has been having, and ultimately that Daniel will not have these seizures anymore, either through medication management or miraculous healing. That we will be able to get a good gait trainer for Daniel soon which will allow him to do more walking and spur him on to want to walk more and to gain independence.

2. Please pray for our family.

  • There are challenges for Hannah as the sibling of a medically complex child which are compounded by being an adoptee.
  • David and Ruth are very, very drained and suffering adrenal fatigue after years upon years of a lot of stress. Caring for our growing boy has also taken quite a toll on Ruth’s body, requiring two significant surgeries in the last five months.
  • David has been blessed with ongoing work, and we are very grateful for his unique skill set which has allowed him to get good jobs wherever we live. There are complications to his current employment situation which add to his stress level. Please pray for him.

2 thoughts on “Join Daniel’s Prayer Team

  1. Prayers for Daniel, his family, and his medical team for surgery tomorrow. Special thoughts to his grandmother, Lorie. She is my art buddy in North Carolina.


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