Just a quick update especially to ask for prayer for Daniel, Hannah and our family.

Since a couple of weeks after school started Daniel has been on a roller-coaster of behavior struggles. Without going into the details, I’ll just say he’s been sent home early from school twice, suspended once, suspended from his physical and occupational therapy appointments, and hospitalized for two days as a result of these behaviors. There are a lot of complex emotions underlying all of this related to his disability and just being a strong-willed child. We are terrifically challenged as his parents to know just how to help him with all of this. He has started counseling and will also be seeing a psychiatrist this month. This is very hard on all of us, and heart-breaking in a number of ways. It impacts Hannah as well, and is very hard for her. The Lord knows all the details, and he knows how to help, but we need his wisdom.

Here are just a few pictures of late. Daniel’s Halloween costume was turning his wheelchair into a John Deere Lawnmower and pretending to run a lawn crew. There is a picture of him in the hospital. An EEG was done to be sure he wasn’t having subclinical seizures that were contributing to him being out of sorts and having these behavior issues. The result of that is that his EEG remained unchanged from the last one which is good news. Still no seizures, so we are at almost 18 months seizure-free. Praise God! Lastly, a recent photo of Hannah, just to remind you of this sweet girl who has so much to process in her life. She saw the eye doctor last week and she needs glasses. For a child with no ears, wearing glasses presents some extra challenges and we are trying to sort that out in a way that doesn’t cause her to feel obtrusive.

8 thoughts on “Struggling

  1. Thanks for sharing. We saw the “ups” of the costumes, but need to know this, too, to pray well. Lord, You promised when we ask for wisdom you will give it, and we are all joining Ruth and David in asking. So we look to You for the fulfillment of Your Word. And thank You.


  2. Always so many challenges for you all! Praying for you today, and for Daniel and Hannah, that the hard days would draw you closer to God and to each other, and that you would be continually supplied with much-needed grace.


  3. Thanks, Ruth, for sharing this update…so very hard and draining. I know your heart aches for your dear ones. May God give grace, wisdom, patience and strength for you both as you love and care for them…



  4. Praising God for the good news of no seizures. Will be praying that you will be given patience and wisdom and that God would be gracious to give you answers. Also praying that God will be doing a good work in Daniel and Hannah through all this. HUGS!!! 😘


  5. Lifting your whole family this week….and asking the Lord to encourage your hearts and give great wisdom about how to best help your kids. He delights in you Ruth, and in each member of your precious family. Hugs and love, Suzy ________________________________


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