We are glad to all be together under one roof (our own) tonight. Daniel and I were safely delivered home around midnight last night by our dear friend, Kristi, who served us so beautifully flying up to Cleveland Wednesday afternoon and driving us all the way home on Thursday.  I picked Hannah up around lunch time today and David got home from his class in California just before dinner time tonight.

I just want to be sure to express our deep thanks and appreciation for all of the care and notes and prayers given for our family in these last couple of weeks. That Hannah came through this time so well is a testament to Dave’s mom’s love and care, and the love and care of two families in our church who kept her during the second week. We are so grateful.

We have a lot to process – information, medication adjustments, Daniel’s health, and a jumble of emotions, a lot of them not very sweet or pretty. I am exhausted physically and emotionally and I am feeling really sad and sometimes frustrated and quite bewildered. So, please know that if we seem negative or aren’t perked up by words of encouragment, it isn’t that we don’t appreciate them or aren’t grateful for all that so many people have done for us. We’re just really hurting and trying to figure out what to make of how things transpired.

Writing here has been a way for me to process what has been happening, and in some cases to try to remember information that was coming in quickly.  I appreciate those who have followed along and have shared that it has been helpful and especially that you have shared with others and have prayed for us together. It means a lot to me and many of your comments have brought me to tears by their kindness and thoughtfulness. Thank you.

There are several things I want to write about, and will hopefully have time tomorrow or the next day. For those of you who know and love Daniel, you will really enjoy reading some of it. For now, we need to sleep. Bless you, friends.


4 thoughts on “All Home

  1. Sorry for all the trials. God is good and will continue to carry and protect. Praying for you all.
    Stacie KeelingMoore and a Family


  2. God’s got this and all of you. Reminds me of times and even my current situation where I need to recall how I’m overthinking and going through stages of frustration and upset.

    You are enlightening me to rest in Jesus and celebrate our trust and faith in Him without knowing His plan. Also that it’s okay to be frustrated and upset and express such. Release it all, sing from the rooftop! Let me hear those drums from here ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


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