Come Lord Jesus!

Right now the world is dark (Come, Lord Jesus)
Was all of this for naught?
This suffering for answers that never came? (Come, Lord Jesus)

I know God hears, He is not deaf (Come, Lord Jesus)
Faith, faith is the victory, is it not?
Lift high the Name. (Come, Lord Jesus)

Answers? I don’t have answers (Come, Lord Jesus)
Only pain. In Heartache, sadness
There’s no shame. (Come, Lord Jesus)

The end I cannot see (Come, Lord Jesus)
I am not wise like He,
yet I act as if I am the same (Come, Lord Jesus)

Nevertheless, we do not lose hope (Come, Lord Jesus!)
We dare not lose hope,
we must not lose hope or quench the flame! (Come, Lord Jesus!)

Come, Lord Jesus
Come, Lord Jesus

One thought on “David’s Poem after Daniel’s Seizure Last Night

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