Very short post here – we are scheduled to leave today. Daniel reached the end of his rope last night around 10 and started tearing out the electrodes again. We decided to just let it be done and they were all taken off. The nurse and I got D’s hair washed up and got him back into bed around midnight then he started throwing up. Thought we were back on track this morning, but around 10 he started throwing up again. Apparently this is a side effect of the steroids. He has hardly eaten anything all week and has basically nothing to throw up but he just keeps heaving. He is asleep now, but now I don’t know what will happen today and a friend is scheduled to fly up today to help us drive home. Pray. So bewildered.

4 thoughts on “Wednesday – urgent

  1. “Jesus, strengthen my sister. Be a tower of strength to her and in her. Sustain her and Daniel both. Give them the stamina they need to endure this trial and bring it safely and effectively to an end. We who love the Harris family, cry out to you, be merciful to them. Wrap them in your arms, calm their spirits and give them hope in the midst of the confusion. Help them to cast anxiety on you Lord. It’s hard. Anxiety can be crippling. Give them yourself as you have in the past and help them to place all their hope in you. For the glory of your name and the joy of your people, this family, we ask it. Amen.”


  2. I’ve prayed for you off and on today; tears along with you that things are not going the way you hoped. So grateful that you believe in a God who already knows the outcome. Praying that His promises will go from your head to your heart to help strengthen and uphold you.


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