Daniel’s nausea was under control the rest of the day. This afternoon I started packing up our stuff. Our friend Kristi arrived this evening to help us drive home. We didn’t have discharge orders so we couldn’t leave tonight and it was getting kind of late anyway. So Kristi stayed with Daniel and I went downstairs and got a much needed shower.

Then Kristi left for her hotel, I got ready for bed, and then Daniel had a seizure.

Here in the hospital, not hooked up to anything, no information gathered, after suffering through the previous 8 days hooked up to the EEG.

I’m so upset I can hardly move or speak.

Don’t know if I can sleep. Don’t know if there are any implications of this on the plan to leave in the morning. Don’t know what it will be like driving home with Daniel in this weird place he’s in with having been given a different rescue med – if he will be floppy like he is with the usual one, if he’ll be nauseated and throwing up because of the new steroid meds. I am in a mental/emotional place I haven’t been before and it does not feel good.

4 thoughts on “Wednesday evening

  1. Praying steadfastly for you all.

    Know that you will receive the discernment you need in all the perfect timing.

    You are amazing Ruth! A blessing to your children and all around you. Whatever happens next, you just take it a moment at a time. God is with you and together y’all have this. xoxoxo


  2. Just wonder how the Daniel and Hannah are both doing! Praying all is well with both kiddos and that there are no seizures to report!!! Stacie KeelingMoore (Grace Community Chapel)

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