So far our trip has mostly focused on fun time together. Last night we made it about half way and stayed in a hotel in Charleston, WV. Upon Daniel’s request we found a hotel with a pool and went swimming with him this morning. This afternoon we found a movie theater along the way and stopped and watched The Call of the Wild. It was a good movie and added a fun element to the trip.  We arrived in Cleveland this evening and settled into our hotel just down the street from Cleveland Clinic. Don’t let the word “clinic” fool you – the place is huge and goes for blocks!

We got Daniel into bed and I went down to the business center to try to print some documents for our appointment tomorrow. Shortly I got a one-word text from David –
“Seizure”, so I booked it back up to our room where Daniel was having a weird seizure episode, unlike anything we have seen before. The fun part of the trip is over, and we’re getting down to business. This is why we are here.

Tomorrow morning we have an appointment with an epileptologist here and then Daniel is scheduled to be admitted to the EMU – epilepsy monitoring unit. I have updated the “Join Daniel’s Prayer Team” page with prayer points for this week. Please check it out and be praying along with us.

Thank you, friends!

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