It has been a while since I posted about Daniel’s recovery and progress since his SDR surgery almost three months ago. He is well into his second year of Kindergarten, and that adjustment seems to have smoothed out at this point. He is doing well physically, and continues to work hard at physical therapy four mornings each week. He has returned to the level of strength he had prior to the surgery, and is now working on building strength. He has expressed interest in standing often, and is now able to stand in his stander up to 2 1/2 hours each day at school. That seems incredible given that just seven weeks ago he couldn’t stand in the stander longer than ten minutes. He often asks to walk up the stairs at night and does so with help, but we are seeing improvement in the way he takes the stairs – alternating his feet at times and not pausing between each stair. His knees are buckling less when he is walking at physical therapy and he has greater endurance – he walked for 40 minutes on Thursday morning at therapy.  img_6449.jpg

Last weekend Daniel attended his first session of Power Wheelchair Soccer with the organization DASA (Disabled Athletes Sports Association). His friend, Claire, from school has been playing for two years and Daniel was very enthused to join her. He had a great time and is excited for the


season to officially start next weekend.  On Friday, Daniel participated in his school’s Eaglethon, a fun run to raise funds for the school. I had encouraged Daniel to try to walk some of it, not just use his wheelchair. He walked two laps, one using the gait trainer he has been using at school (and for a few steps he had his friend Lena walking with him, see photo) and the second lap holding the hands of his awesome para, Mrs. Pat, who was by his side the whole way. I am very pleased with Daniel’s efforts, as he really struggled and felt tired trying to walk on the grass. Having walked 40 minutes the day before at therapy, I was somewhat disheartened that he had such a hard time at the Eaglethon, but most of his walking since July has been on smooth floors indoors, so I need to cut him some slack. He really did a great job. He then hopped in his wheelchair and completed another seven laps with his classmates. Later he was out at recess when Claire’s class was doing the Eaglethon, and he joined her for another lap for a total of 10.IMG_6434_Moment

Other small areas we have seen of progress are in tall kneeling and strengthening of his core muscles. The other day he pushed a full laundry basket all the way down the hall kneeling. And just because he wanted to! I thought it was incredible. I was excited to receive this picture of Daniel in gym class as well. It just seems that he is more eager to get into various activities and participate in athletic endeavors to the best of his ability, which is really encouraging.img_6440.jpg

Thank you for your continued prayers and support for Daniel and our family.


6 thoughts on “October Update

  1. WOW!! He is a very strong and determined boy!! He will go far!! So proud of him!! Thank you for sharing!! Continued prayers for you all


  2. You are doing a great job. You are still on my prayer list. I will send more stickers this week for you and Hanna.
    Love you bunches


  3. Thank you so much for this wonderful, informative update!! God is answering our prayers beyond what we could imagine! Little by little Daniel is getting there. Thank you, Ruth and David, for all of your sacrifices, and for believing in the Lord’s guidance as you parent Daniel and Hannah. You are always in my prayers. Love,
    Mom, Lorie, Grammie Lorie


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