Sunday Daniel had two physical therapy appointments and a fair bit of time on his hands. He was handling his pain well and enjoyed visits from friends, most of whom were drawn into a game of Battleship, a game Daniel was introduced to for the first time at the hospital. Here are some cute pictures from Sunday:

Daniel looked so cute napping with his little hands folded.
He was very excited when his friends came to visit Sunday night.
Our new friend Noah had SDR surgery the day after Daniel. We enjoyed visiting the garden together.
He and Hannah had fun walking around the unit together. They were so adorable walking hand in hand.
Hanging out with little sister on his bed (that didn’t last long!)

3 thoughts on “Last Days in the Hospital

  1. These photos are so precious they make me smile and melt my heart. Thank you for sharing. You are so brave and awesome Daniel. Hannah looks so pretty.


  2. Going home is so special after surgery. It is so nice to get into your own bed. I loved the pictures with sister Hanna as they walked together. We are still holding you and your family up in our prayers.


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