IMG_5829On Monday, we had Daniel’s Pre-Op appointments and they went very well. We met with one of Dr. Park’s PA’s and reviewed health history and what to expect on Wednesday. Then Daniel had a very extensive physical therapy evaluation where Daniel did what he does best –  ham it up for the therapists! He was put through a many step pre-operative evaluation, and we were extremely pleased with how he did, and with the positive feedback from the therapist. He did some of his best movements yet, including standing independently from a sitting position and staying upright for almost two seconds. The therapist indicated she expects Daniel to do very well following the SDR surgery and looks forward to seeing his progress. The highlight of this evaluation may have been when Daniel randomly began to pray and said, “Dear Lord, thank you for this day. Help me to have a good day. Help me not to say any bad words. Amen.” Maybe you had to be there, but it was extremely funny.

We came away from these visits feeling very much at peace. We are confident we are in the best hands possible and we are doing what is right for Daniel at this time.

3 thoughts on “Great Pre-Op Visit! (Monday)

  1. Praise the Lord for His peace that surpasses all understanding. May this joyful and triumphant moment be the first of many as He shelters you under the shadows of His wings. Blessing to Daniel and your family including your caretakers who pray are given Godly wisdom.


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